Our family-owned business was established in 1994 and we have produced musically-enhanced gifts ever since. We focus on developing and producing gifts that one can give "When you need more than a card¬©".  Our customers particularly value the way that the music boxes,  images and  decorations enhance the message about a shared relationship, feeling, or event.

Our Founder

After growing up near the Connecticut coast, Carol studied hard and became a librarian.  However, she found greater happiness in her crafts and art.  Initially, it was all about painting, knitting and sewing.  From there, she expanded into pouring, firing, and painting porcelain dolls.  Then, in 1994, she discovered the joy of creating music boxes in paper bags.  At first, she could purchase paper bags that conveyed personal or whimsical sentiments, thus making the product much less expensive than other music boxes. However, she quickly saw how limiting it was to rely on others' designs and began to print her own bags that reflect her own interests and personality.  Soon, there was no room in the kitchen any more, so she moved to a small industrial facility, surrounded by carpenters, printers, hub cap dealers, screen door manufacturers, a motorcross supplier, and an embroidery shop.

More recently, she left the hubbub of  Los Angeles and moved some 600 miles north to the much more relaxed city of Fortuna California.  Moving the shop was a huge adventure with the final location chosen only a few days before the move.

Getting in touch with us

The best way to reach us is by telephone (818-772-7738), fax (818-772-7728) or email (design@latunes.com).  If you prefer, we also answer the mail at

L. A. Tunes
4355 Forest Hills Drive
Fortuna, CA 95540

Should you wish to visit us in person, please call in advance.  Our new location has no showroom and parking is limited, so we are open by appointment only.